Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First Impressions

We made it! We have officially survived our first 3 days in Prague! This is such beautiful city and its hard to fully fathom that we actually live here. The place we are staying has no fridge, shower, or tv so that is taking some getting used to. All the more incentive to get out and explore, right? One thing about this city that we love is that it is very dog friendly! The dogs run around free here and can go into the cafes and metro system. The first night here we went to a bar/cafe and they had 2 or 3 dogs running around saying hello to each table. As many of you know our little furry friend (Bella) means the world to us and we miss her terribly, so this dog interaction was much needed! 

The rest of our time has been spent securing a bank account, figuring out the metro, touring, getting Czech phones, and apartment hunting. Which all sound like they don't take very much time but when you don't speak the language, know which way north, south, east, or west are, and don't understand their currency this can be a monumental task! 

Thank goodness for our American friend Emma who has helped us tremendously. She is from San Diego and has been living here for a few months. She has so much knowledge of the city and is so willing to be our own personal tour guide! 

Another thing we have found to be quite wonderful is how inexpensive things are. We bought beers from the convenient store and we each payed 35 CZK which is approximately $1.40 in the US. We also got an egg and spinach omelet for breakfast and that was 30 CZK, the same thing in the US at a cafe would easily be $6 or more. 

Well thats all we have for now! But will continue to add more as we go!


Lauren and Tom