Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quick Update

Fall is starting here in Prague! We are excited to see the leaves change colors and feel the air turn crisp. The last month or so we have been adjusting to the working life again. As much as we enjoyed having the summer off, we were both ready to get back to a routine. I am back at ABC Academy working with mainly 5 year olds and I have a few private lessons on the side. I am also continuing my masters degree in Reading while abroad. So far things have been going really well! Tom is working with a staffing company that is hired by Exxon Mobile, he is screening applications for their internship programs. He is also working at Expats BBQ Bar which is a sports bar in Prague. They show mainly American sports so he is often there really late at night since the games don't start showing until 7pm at the earliest. We both are adjusting to the new semester very well and have been enjoying our time back home in Prague!

We recently celebrated Tom's birthday. We went to an Indian restaurant and found a new craft beer house near by! I went home last week for one of my best friends wedding, it was absolutely beautiful! I also had such an amazing time seeing BELLA and my family. I even got to watch the bro play a little football! 
Birthday Boy!

Many of you know that we have decided to make out return in December. As much as we love our life here in Prague we do miss being around the people we love. Our return date is December 17th. We will move to New Ulm and stay with my parents for a few weeks to get our feet back under us and enjoy the holidays. We look forward to catching up with many of you when we return! 

Happy Fall!

Tom and Lo

Friday, September 2, 2016

Dresden, Germany

A few weekends ago we took a trip to Dresden, Germany with a group of friends! The city is known for its beautiful architecture and has a long history of royal residency being that it is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony. While we were there they had a city festival going on throughout the entire city. They had amazing food stands, rides, beer gardens, and even a parade. While we were in Dresden we were able to try a lot of amazing craft beer from Germany and from around the world!

Church in Old Town

They had these remade cocktails all over the city!

View from across the Elbe River to Old Town

Elbe River

The BEST curry wurst and fries!

Street Art

Beginning of the art passage

Pig rocks

So many AMAZING beers!

Pesto Pasta!

Hookah bar


Beautiful gardens

Procession of Princes- Largest porcelain artwork in the world (23,000 tiles) This is a picture of the procession of the rulers of Saxony.





Hookah Bar

Fancy chairs bar